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Monday, April 26, 2010

The sound of piano

Yesterday night while Gab and I on the way home from my brother's place, he asked in the car: 'Ma, can you play piano tonight?' I was a little curious about why he is asking me to play piano, I thought he might have something he wants to listen, then I asked: 'What song do you like to listen?' . And Gab said any song, those songs I played during teaching, or pieces I play for pleasure, that pondering me, I thought he has something in his mind that certain piece he wants to listen, but found out later after his explanation, he said he misses the 'sound of piano'.

Gab went back to Melacca with his dad last Friday, and spent time with Ah Gong (Grandpa) only back on Sunday night, and Monday went to school early in the morning, I went teaching in the afternoon where he was home alone, then maternal grandpa brought him for dinner in the evening, after I came home to pick him up at my brother's place it has already night, he misses the sound, he wanted to listen to me playing now.

I told him that he didn't like me playing piano when he was young, I knew the reason, because I usually did my practice for hours, hence whenever he saw me sitting down at the piano side, he will walked to me and pulled me away from piano, haha, indeed, I was quite dislike his behavior at that moment, but I knew the reason.

And think through, I may be very busy with lots of thing, like house chores, teaching, church activities, preparation for Sunday's school materials, I seemed like not giving him enough time, at times I felt bad about it, and condemned myself for not taking good care of him. But I realized, it is not quite true, we have quality time, which is during most of our ride in car, whether it is going out or going back home, we talked a lot, sometimes I give him 'lesson' lah. Those are the time we learn to know each other, and appreciate each other.

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