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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CLCN camp for Curry Laksa Chicken Ngar-choy camp

CLCN camp is held in Regency Hotel Ipoh 12-14 April, yes today will be the last day, I am still at the lobby serving net and blogging, I skipped lunch and dinner for sweet and short naps, that is why I am still awake now.

CLCN short for Curry Laksa Chicken Ngar-choy camp..... =.=" haha, na... just picked up this from Pastor Sonny, learn a few of these funny abbreviations from them, another one is C and G, guess what? that is cheap and good!

CLCN is just a network for a few of sisters churches in Malaysia from North to South, and to Singapore. That we will link up and sharing resources, giving inhouse training to the needy churches, to equip and empower teachers and facilitators in all ministries, they are pastorals, AIM, mission, working adults, youth, worship and children.

I am in children ministry, it is the most fun and energetic ministry, that our conversations and meetings filled with laughter and crazy ideas, we always have no enough time for our sharing and fellowshiping.

Now is almost 2am....... I better go, will tell more of the details.

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