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Saturday, April 17, 2010

CLCN 2010 April

Charismatic Local Church Network 灵恩地方教会网络Members of CLCN (By Alphabetic) :
1. Amazing Grace Christian Assembly (AGCA)
2. Charismatic Church of Penang (CCOP)
3. Church of Singapore Balestier (COSBL)
4. Church of Singapore Bukit Timah (COSBT)
5. Church of Singapore Harvest (COSHV)
6. Church of Singapore Marine Parade (COSMP)
7. Church of Setiawan (COSTW)
8. Church of Singapore Woodlands (COSWL)
9. Full Gospel Church Ayer Tawar (FGCAT)
10. Full Gospel Church Ipoh (FGCI)
11. Full Gospel Church Johor Bahru (FGCJB)
12. Subang Christian Fellowship (SCF)
13. The Rock Christian Center (TRCC)

Purpose Statement
The Charismatic Local Church Network (CLCN) was created to pool together the resources of sister churches situated throughout Malaysia and Singapore for the purpose of strengthening our historical relationships and expanding our partnerships for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ

This year is the 9th year of the network is formed, I've attended a few of children workshop and trainings that were subsidized by CLCN since last year, and joined a mission trip to Cemara Island two years ago, but only found out this time what CLCN is about.

For whatever reasons that made me joined this camp, thankful for God, it's a divine appointment I believe, again it is such pleasure to be able to meet these great men of our mighty Lord, those who have been laying down their lives to God, to serve the nation, salute to them and at the same time encouraged by their sacrifices and touched by their passion and love.

There are 7 ministries all together, pastorals, worship, AIM, working adult, youth, mission and children. The camp started on Mondy afternoon 1pm with lunch gathering at Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh, and ended on Wednesday's lunch, we are the man for food! starts and ends with food. Love the arrangement! haha.

I was appointed as an official camera-man, together with another 2 sisters Angela Bruyns and Jane Chin. I would say Jane Chin rocks, she rocked in this camp, cruising every where to snap photos, whereas Angela and me have to attend group discussion. Failed my mission.

One of the things that encouraged elders is, there were more young people joining in this year, majority are young adult ages from 18 - 40, that really gives hope to our elderly, which they could pass-down their passion to us.

During the small group discussion, Yee Khim led us, she said nothing much to discuss, let started with eating ice-cream and chocolate then do some sourcing (shopping), that was fun, right? She is a very capable woman, wife of Pastor James Tan. Even so, children ministry is the only one that could give full list of things we want to have at the same time with solution provided, see! how capable she is! Work to enjoy, enjoy in working. Not a bad idea for all 'elderly meeting', perhaps we could import this practice (Which KK SCF is practising in our meeting) eat and talk, more inspiring indeed. :p

The purpose of this camp is allowing all workers from sisters church could have a chance to meet up, to share our problems, struggles, materials, areas that is strong in each church, ideas as well as fellowship. We've brought gifts to exchange to every member, we've brought some of our good idea and craft works to share, some shared new songs that are written by themselves, wonderful time in the room we had had.

CLCN had a closed facebook account, m.. which I think very good, facebook is a good platform to share ideas and information, especial latest activities with photos.

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