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Thursday, April 15, 2010

CLCN highlights

Talk about highlights during CLCN Connect Camp, non other than fooooood! We went to 'Tong Sui Gai' for mixed fruit ice-kacang, 'Ai Yuk Bing', 'Jv Ciong Fun', and 'Wan Ton dried noodle', those were not the best, yet already gave us a nice and fulfilled tea-break.

The first day night after last session at 10pm, Jacinta's ex-youth Chi Foo came by with his girl friend Siew Har to take us to the best Ngar Choy Gai and Jv Chap Juk'.

And we covered 'Liu' similar to 'Yong Dao Fu' in KL, we went to a restaurant in a new village, forgot about it's name, and it is famous for 'Gai Geok' chicken feet, and 'Mun Dao fu' bean curd, and others, not to forget about the white coffee in Ipoh, almost every restaurant serves good white coffee ice, very oishi.

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