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Monday, April 5, 2010


Made to order, according to the customer's specifications.

Most of owned home will have custom-made cabinets and wardrobes, just wanna to make full use of the space and awkward design of rooms. The concept is perfect to everyone, but not hard to imagine, some might not have a good taste though they have made 'full use' of space, some made wrong decision when they initially planned out wrong. It is very much depend on the person who handle it, the background, the knowledge, the culture, the understanding, the practicability and so on.

You may be scratching your head by now, what is this Jane up for? Going into a custom carpentry business? Na, I am talking about homeschooling, indeed I have a post on-hold with the same title, have written quite many lines.....but, anyway, I decided to keep on hold, come out with this short and sweet 'Custom-made'.

There is nothing wrong with the concept - homeschooling, forget about the pros and cons, which I spent quite long time reading those articles, until my black ring under my eyes appear to be that dark! ( what for? Don't understand why I read that many?)

Again, nothing is wrong about this concept, but the person who handle it.

There are pros and cons in public schools, so do in private schools, and homeschooling has no exception.

There are no lack of proofs and successful stories you could Google-search, as well as not less of the sequels. (You will find the positive side's of stories more as those 'publishers' and 'runners' are putting in tons of advertisements to make it works!!)

Where your children will ended up to? The successful side or the failure side? Depend on who you are!! (indeed!)

If you are a religion fanatic, you will want to make everything framed and boxed 'beautifully' and 'nicely' to your child, in order to keep them 'safe' in your custom-made 'space', go ahead with your thoughts, you are not wrong, indeed very right! This was the very very first reason why homeschooling concept is formed.

If you are creative, energetic, Mean thoughts, positive, extrovert (well, introvert is also acceptable though, but it gives credit to those who are extrovert in character), educated (sufficient education), not anti-social, not anti-innovation (for some I know of, they are!), 'Congratulation!', I am glad for you, and your child, most likely they will be in the good side, and become one of the successful 'product'.

what about......

If you are merely a follower, beware! Maybe you need to put into serious consideration. Because not many follower could really lead to the result. Your personality is the key though. (Solely my point of view, not arguments.)

"Many are called, but few are chosen." (please excuse me by using this Bible quote! It's best describe what I want to express.) Not only considering about your child's character, the teaching materials, and most important is your capability. As I mentioned earlier 'Merely writing and talking' are different from practicability. Most books will talk about ideal thoughts and plans.

"Yet, while those who favor home-schooling quite reasonably point to the successes of such programs and to the geniuses who have emerged from them, the fact is that parental guidance is not always what it should be and that laxity has, in many cases, produced less than spectacular results."

Once again, I am not against it, let me make myself clear about it once again, it is a good concept!

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