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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soya Jelly

The original recipe for soya jelly is given by Swearly, you may try your own measurement, but if you sick of trying and trying, I encourage you to follow her instruction, and measurement, for the best taste, get those ingredient as she recommended, because she really have given many trying on different measurements, brands and products, enjoy the making.


2 ltr Water
1 litre V-Soy Soya Bean Milk
1 Packet Pearl Mermaid Agar-agar (jelly) powder 25g in a sachet
1 litre Marigold full cream milk
1 1/2 cups of sugar
12 pcs Pandan leaves
2 cans of Hosen Longan in Syrup


1) Add 2 ltr of water, together with sugar and pandan leaves, boil until the sugar melt totally.

2) Pour in Marigold full cream milk and V-soy soya bean milk.

3) Dissolve Pearl Mermaid Agar-agar (jelly) powder with cold (50ml) water before added in to soya bean mixture, then continue to stir until it is boiled. Turn off the fire, leave it for cooling, take out the surface layer of thin layer of soya skin (you may want to eat it, because it tastes nice!)

4) Fill in the cups ( makes about 27 - 30 small cups ) and leave them for hardening.

5) Scoop in two Longan to each cup after the jelly is formed.


Jane Lee said...

I try again today, and this time I put everything at the same time, add only 2 ltr of water instead of 3 ltr. boiled it for about half an hour. hopefully it will still taste the same as by following the steps above.

Jane Lee said...

I have done some changes on the blog today, after a few trys on different method, here it is, just to make it a simplest way of making soya jelly. enjoy!!

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