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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a simple BBQ dinner at Joe's house this Christmas Eve, Hansen brought a special made wok from Singapore, a holely wok, he made by himself, according to Christabel, Hansen spent a month to drill holes whenever he is free. He is a good carpenter, he likes to make things special and practical from something, each time I go to their house, I will definitely walk around their house to find something 'new' and get inspired, you will have surprise each time you go.

Hansen used this wok for their beach side BBQ in Singapore, this time he came to OPEN our eyes. When the charcoals were set, he put some in a shallow flower pot, then set the wok on top of it, he started cooking the prawns, like usual cooking, frying and stirring with spatula; "It is his dream to cook in the garden!" said Christabel, haha his dream came true yesterday.

Delicious food, feel the warmth of the BBQ, it's the greatest love connection. After the food, Marcia got ready many small gifts, as our children's game rewards, how thoughtful she is, there were 8 in total, from two years old to 8 years old. They group in 2, made up 4 groups, racing to complete some tasks. It was so fun, and we enjoyed the time, and were amused by their expressions and spontaneous reactions. Oh definitely they liked the games, and I believe this is the greatest way building relationship and strengthening the bonds of attachment.

It was about 9pm after the game, we have decided to station back to Alex's home to have an early 'Boxing day', that was a mess.... the floor filled torn away wrapping papers, but looking at their faces and our faces, it is such a blessing to have all of them in my life, thanks to the Lord for His awesomeness!

Christmas is the season of love and connection, of course Jesus is the reason. Praise Him always.

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