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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar 3D Movie

The only one thing I can remember when I watched 3D action long ago, it has got to be 'headache' and it makes you want to vomit, ever after that very time ( about 12 years ago) I will never ever wanted to try it again, I will just say 'NO' to 3D movies.

Just last night, Debbie had got an invitation for free dinner and free screening of Avatar at GSC One Utama, she brought me along, I didn't know it was 3D at first, I wouldn't have gone if I knew it is. The first thought in me when I found out it is a 3D movie was 'Oh my, I just told my friends in last Saturday's meeting, I won't go for 3D movies, because it makes me want to vomit and gives me headache, and now I am in it..... oh, prepare to have an headache after this!'.

Nothing I can do, I can't just go home. Just some expectation in my head and prepare myself to get those sicknesses. We had the buffet dinner, then head to Hall 10, they served us free drink and a regular pop corn which quite a surprise to us, that was good, having everything for free, we got a pair of 3D spectacles before entering to the movie hall, the specs were cool, not those I knew and I wore, they were better quality in this high and revolutionary technology.

I was quite excited even before the movie starts, due to the
free food, free drink and free popcorn, ha! And it was really great when the movie started, my eyes opened wide and watched it clear, amazing with the pictures and drawings, the jungles, the animation, the lighting, they were fascinating, the most fantastic thing was, I didn't have any those sicknesses I mentioned earlier, I am totally alright with this 3D technology now, guess what? Debbie vomited! ooh, poor her.

Totally dwelt in the movie, this is a great movie, it is really surprise you and offer things you have never seen before, loved the trees, the flowers, the bugs, the floating lands, waterfalls, those six legs creatures, flying dragons (big birds), the moss lights up when they step on it, I like the most are those Atlantean people's mind got connected to every creature and plant in this jungle.

Go, go, go for this movie, it was super 'shiok', the story was great, the scenes were beautiful, those ideas were beyond our imagination, quite a long time since the film ended.... erm.... about 2 hours after the show now, I still 'don't want' to 'walk out' from the movie..... still thinking about the 'flying', I love flying......

If you want to watch 3D movie, here is the link I found that you could read the trick help you to avoid headache:

Trick to avoid headache when watching 3D movie

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