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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trying Out Coloured Zipper Case

It has been awhile that I see a violin student using a duo tone green pencil case that was hand sewn by his friend.

There was an urge rose within, as soon as he left after class, I dug out all unused coloured zippers, spent a short time to arrange and did some colour matching, I should have done a round of google search to at least take a look at Smiggle® zipper caseswhich I knew they have quite a number of them, sigh, too bad and too late.

I put all zipper heads on the same side, I found it "heavy" in one side somehow, but it still look good and brilliant over the idea of this colour matching.

In it, I did add on a small compartment which could only be reached by 3 zippers.

I loved this idea, which was Gab's idea though. I sew a few more with dark coloured zippers for Gab, my brother and friends.

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