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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pain Complet

Wholemeal Toast Sourdough Loaf

This sourdough wholemeal bread recipe is the best  and awesomest, Gab and I can't have enough of this. I am calculating the time needed for proving according to Malaysia temperature.

Ingredient A:

380 g   high protein flour
60g       wholemeal
8g         Sugar
240g     water

Ingredient B

5g         salt
100 g    sourdough starter


Oat     sufficient enough

1) Mix ingredient A in a stand mixer, mix till the dough formed.
2) Add ingredient B, continue to mix for another 25 minutes.
3) Form dough into a round ball, oil the mixing bowl or a large (9 x 14) plastic bag, seam side down, cover with plastic bag and keep in the oven for 1 hour. If you choose to use a large plastic bag, slide in the dough, tighten it with elastic band. let it rest for 1 hour.
1st proving~
4) take out the dough after 1 hour, knead lightly, then keep in the bowl again, cover well with plastic bag, and best to fasten with extra large elastic band, I use elastic band that is for sewing purpose, make a hood for this purpose. Put it into an oven.
Let it has the first proving for 6 -8  hours.
5) by this time, dough should be double or triple in size, take it out, to cut into 4 equal size doughs.
6) Shape them round. Get ready enough oat spread on a tray.
7) Spray water onto surface of one dough (do it one by one) not the seam side, put the smooth side on the tray to stick as much oat as possible.
8) Oil 2 baking tins. Roughly in L 7" x w 3.8" x H 4" measurement.
9) Arrange two doughs in far end in each container. Seam side down.
2nd proving
10) 2nd proving for 2- 3 hours. I will wait till 3 hours usually, you will get softer bread.
11) At the 2.30 hour, pre- the oven in 180°C for half hour.
12) Put in the two containers, spray the oven, bake for 10 minutes.
Adjust temperarure to 200°C bake 10 minute.
Adjust to 210°C, bake 10 minutes.


Please don't try to put all ingredients at once like I am the smartest baker in the world, I did that and hence am convinced to do it according to instruction, put it ingredient B after the dough is form.

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