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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Give give give away~

Yup, have been baking sourdough bread recently, trying out different recipes from the recipe book that my childhood San San mailed to me from Hong Kong. Awesome recipe book. Before I had this book, I searched high and low from internet, watching many youtube video clips that teaching how to bake sourdough, have tried many of the recipes they shared. 

I was happy initially at least I know how to bake sourdough, but not Gab, he doesn't like those recipes, he wants me to be able to bake sourdough bread like what we could get from bakery shop....

I told him those were baked by certified bakers, mommy is just starting to learn how to bake. He was sad and I was disappointing though. 

Then I received a parcel that mailed from Hong Kong, there a recipe book, Sourdough recipe book, couldn't wait to start baking those recipes. 

It started with teaching how to cultivate Apple Enzyme for Apple Sourdough Starter, I didn't want to do it as I have already gotten Happy Peter Sourdough Starter. Somehow, I tried. And it was a successful one, through my experiences of making sourdough starter, I knew the number days that it mentioned in the book, which I have to deduct 2 or 3 days, due to the temperature in Malaysia is rather humid and warm. And I am right! 

Even for the duration of proving a dough, I have to cut it shorter at least half of the time. And I am right again! 

Now I have tried quite many of them, also shared all the recipes I have tried in English, hope to bless those who are English ed. 

There are more to go, will slow down the pace of baking from now, get back to my normal sewing projects. 
Here are two sourdough bread fresh from the oven, giving to someone who loved sourdough bread.

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