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Friday, April 4, 2014

Joyful Jane Apple sourdough starter

Joyful Jane Apple Sourdough Starter recipe (60% hydration)

With just:
half apple (any species)
500ml water
10g      sugar
A 500ml glass container

Washed and dice the apple, just take away seeds.
Mix well with sugar and water
Keep in a warm place between 30°-36°C temperature.

Find Thermomix Recipe of Joyful Jane Sourdough Starter
First day of apple enzyme

Shake once everyday to prevent apple cubes from drying.
On the 3rd and 4th days open the lid once to release gas.
Apple enzyme on the 3rd day

On the 4th day, the liquid appears to be whitish and more bubbles.
When you could smell apple fruity tea, or yogurt-like fermented aroma, that means the extraction is ready.
Strain the liquid with fabric strainer, take only 60g of the extract.
Keep the rest in fridge for future usage.

To prepare apple sourdough starter:

60g extract
100g bread flour

Mix well, keep in room temperature around 34°C.
Preparing apple sourdough starter, the 2nd day. (which is the 5th day)

In 2 to 4 hours, you will find that there are bubbles in the mixture, and it almost doubles in volume, you are near there. Here is the first add. You need to FEED IT another 3 MORE times.

Which means on the 5th day add in 48g of water + 80 g bread flour, mix well.

 On the 6th day, add in 48g water + 80g bread flour, mix well. This time it will double in volume.

On the 7th day, add in 48g water + 80g bread flour, mix well.
By then, sourdough starter could be able to produce nice alcohol aroma. And it will triple in size!!

Now, Joyful Jane is ready to make bread!
Apple sourdough on the 6th day

On the 7th day Joyful Jane Sourdough starter is on the move!! Triple in size! 
Look!Wasai! Apple sourdough doubles in volume! I'm gonna name it Joyful Jane! 看!哇塞!苹果天然酵母团膨胀两倍大了!我要命它为喜乐珍, Joyful Jane!

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