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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shout for Joy and Sing

Shout For Joy and Sing

                      F     Am/E       Dm     F/C      Bb                   C7
Shout for joy   and          sing   your     praises to the King

                     F       Am/E      Dm      F/C      Bb                  C7
Lift your voice    and        let     your    hallelujah ring

                    A    A/C#   Dm7   D/F#   Gm                      C7
come before   His   throne   to       worship and adore

             Am            Dm           Gm          C7         F
Enter joyfully now the presence of the Lord

                             Gm          C
You are my Creator    

                             Am       Dm
Your are my deliverer

You are my redeemer

You are Lord

                                     F           D7/F#
And Your are my Healer

                            Gm            C
You are my Provider

                                        F            Am/E       Dm
You are now my Shepherd and my guide

              Gm              C7                             F                    
Jesus, Lord and King, I worship You

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