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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am convinced

Have been long long time, I didn't want to get back to the praying business, I really meant praying, not just pray pray. Thanks to Cynthia that she mentioned about this sermon in Closed Friend group, it is a sharing that I treasure and appreciate much, and also thankful for God for this perfect timing.

I felt like I getting a 'It's enough!' kind of response from God. May be you don't understand what I am trying to say.... it took me quite awhile and a journey to walk into this 'valley', and I can't or indeed unwilling to climb up, or rather.... not convincing enough to rise up. Because I was convinced (by my own understanding) to stay in the valley, so I have got to be convinced (by my own conviction) in order to come out of it.

I am convinced.

"But every time God wants you to do something important for Him. He doesn't give you details because God will use not only the destination but the journey to train you how to hear His voice."

After listened to it many many times. I fell on my knee, and I told Him: "I was so wrong, I turned away from You and shut off my ear from your voice."

He doesn't give much details and He said: "I have ordered your steps I have determined your way and when you get there, the provision will be made for the next step, step by step by step by step."

I am convinced. 

He may not give you the details, but He is committed to get you to the process, and you have the courage tonight to take a step into the unknown, God has the power to perform the impossible.

I am convinced. 

He will be there when you get there, it will be there when you get there, the opportunity will be there when you get there, just keep on walking by faith, look on the other side of the mountain, God has a blessing!

I am convinced.  :)

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