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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Handmade Good Stuffs

Here are things I have sewn by using Jenome sewing machine which I got it free from a government programme. I've learned to sew beanbags and other basic usage of sewing machine.

Floral Recycle Bag is what I thing very practical, I like to use recycle bags, instead of holding different packs of goodies, I prefer to put everything in the bag and carry on my shoulder, especially for someone like me staying in walk-up apartment at level 4!

Well, I do sell them, please leave a message if you would like to buy one.

RM20 for each Floral Recycle Bag, I only made three, different in the colour of its straps, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Green.

RM250 for beanbag each filled with 2kg of polystyrene beads, RM30 per kg.

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