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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chap Goh Meh Air Hitam Waterfall Hike

It has been quite a long time haven't been to waterfall, hiked Tabur West many times, this event was set together with my new Hainanese friend Felix that I met last Saturday Sukee gathering, he is a lone ranger, have done many hikings alone.

Air Hitam waterfall is in Puchong Putri, a beautiful place just in our neigbourhood.

I was surprised and amazed by her beauty, pool is ocean green in colour, crystal clear water, I can see my toes even though the water level almost touches my chin. I sat on the rock, was trying so hard to capture her beauty, with my limited skill and the limited features of this camera I am having, I am satisfied.

I could just sit on the rock watching her beauty, enjoying her singing, awesome work of God's creation. Speechless.... Thankful for God.
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