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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CNY Melaka day trip

We, Gab and I have not been visiting Melaka for the past two years during CNY, I used to go with Gab and my mom or Hansen's family on the 3rd or 4th day, there was a year that I let Gab followed his dad since CNY eve, I just remembered that was my worst Chinese New Year at all, a day was like a year to me, I missed him so so so much that I swear to myself, I will not let him away from me during this big event.

And this year, Brian requested to bring him down as he said Gab hadn't be with him during CNY for past two years, I told him I want to follow too, but he said: No, and therefore I said: No!

On the 2nd of CNY I called pa in-law and wished him Happy Chinese New Year, he asked if we are going down to Melaka to pay him a visit, I told him that I will bring Gab to Melaka on the 4th day. And so we went, I was surprised to see Gab's step mom, well, I never have been told, she was kind and gentle lady, we went for lunch, visitation and dinner together, we chatted about her new coming baby - Gab's step baby brother or sister to be. Gab is exciting about this coming baby though, he wishes for a baby brother.

Visited my ex 'Farmville' neighbour Sharlyna, she is a wife of Brian's friend, and her son is Gab only friend in Melaka, Melaka hasn't changed a lot... still beautiful, still jam during this season, food is still delicious.

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