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Sunday, October 16, 2011

No test please....

I can't remember when and where I went to this workshop for Children Ministry Leaders, I was there with a few comrades, there were many workshops conducting at the same time, we had to attend different classes separately according to our choice.

I can't remember (yeah, this is another thing that I am best in!) which workshop I went to, there was a lady at her 40s, in her training session, she shared an unforgetable testimony.

Her daughter was suffering from an illness, initial stage, she sprayed and still serve in the church,  when time went by, her daughter did not get any better but worsen, she complaint and struggled with her faith very much, she even stopped serving God.  But God never stopped strengthening her, talked to her. She felt weaker and fallen into self-pity badly when she rejected to hear from God, to draw closer to God, as her husband, family members and church friends never ceased praying for the daughter and her.

There was a day, her ill daughter instead of complaining of her pain, she encouraged her mom, she became realizing she can't live without God, she has became weaker and weaker without giving praise to God, and she repented and come back to God. Ill daughter remained ill, she continued her serving in children ministry, at the same time took care of her ill daughter, but this time, she serves with joy and took care of her daughter with peace, after a few months, her daughter passed away.

At the wake, when everybody mourned for the leaving of this young girl, there was a stranger walked in to shook her hand and said:"Congratulation, you've passed the test!" 

I burst into tears after hearing this testimony, I told God: "Please...... I don't want this test!"

And thus .... occasionally I will have this little fear comes up and think: "What if Gab dies?" Gosh... God, no test please!!!

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