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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fight of Faith Violin / piano accompaniment music sheet in A

Fight of Faith 
Lyrics and Chords in A major
Fight of Faith  Violin / piano accompaniment music sheet  in A

            A               F#m
Here I am at your feet
           D         E
Crying out to you
               A                      F#m
Draw me near, hold me close
          D          E
Lord I wait on You

                  F#m               C#m
For you're my greatest love
                  D                       A
You're my comforter and friend
                   F#m                    C#m
You're the first, and the last
                  D         E
You're my guiding light.

         A             F#m
I will run, I will soar
       D           E
On eagle's wings
         A                 F#m
As I wait on you Lord
         D                 E
My strength is restored
            F#m                C#m
Fix my eyes on you Jesus
        D     A7/C#        B7
As I run   this     race
              Bm7         D        E      A
Help me fight this fight  of  faith 

download Fight of Faith in A major Violin part pdf

                Fight of Faith in A major Piano accompaniment part pdf

Fight of Faith in D Violin part pdf

Fight of Faith in D Accompaniment part pdf

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