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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too many of farmville postings?

I am seriously addicted to farmville playing recently, it was all started from helping a friend.

Months ago, when a friend asked me to help to just give a hand to help her in a farmville posting, therefore I went to her profile to look for this posting, but I can't see anything, not a farmville posting at all, I told her I can't help her.

That indeed pondered me, I checked this out from farmville fan page, and I noticed I actually blocked this application long ago, as the postings irritated me.

And here I am playing this game by unblocked this application, and I do privacy setting to all my farmville postings. Here is what I do:

  1. Group friends who are playing farmville as 'farmville'. You could do this by going to 'account' on right top, 'edit friends', 'create a list', enter a name (group name - 'farmville'  or others), then select friends. 
  2. Whenever there is a posting (they have a lot, until I can't stand the posting myself, really a lot!!), go to the pad lock logo, select 'customize', type 's' for 'special people' or you could use cursor to do the selection, click twice on the row of words written in light gray colour, type 'farm...' it will comes out automatically the full name, cilck it, save setting, then post it. I have to do it in everything posting in order to keep my friends a piece of peaceful mind~ because I love them much. 

For friends that who do not play games, or you have stopped playing this game, or your own group of friends are playing and they did not do the settings, you could actually do the same as I did last time, to block the application.
How to block the application? Here is the step:
  1. Go to account and select 'privacy settings', select 'Edit your settings' below 'Apps and websites' on your left bottom.
  2. At this paragraph 'Apps you use',  'Edit settings', 'X' out the one you don't like to read their postings,  click 'Remove'.
These are the simple steps to get rid of the irritating postings.... just don't have to delete your 'facebook account', haha, enjoy the fun of connecting with your friends and relatives~!

Jane Lee

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