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Monday, January 3, 2011

The journey to Pa Lungan

A map taken at Bario airport.

Pa Lungan is the kampung (home town) of my brother-in-law, for a very good reason — 'Naming Ceremony', most of the relative of his family went back to Pa Lungan this Christmas, some were there since beginning of Dec 2010.

Flights tickets bought in early March, Air Asia flight from KL to Miri on 18th Dec 2010, then Maswings flight from Miri to Bario on 19th Dec. Together with Gabriel, mom, Christabel, Hansen, Shania, and Sonia, 7 of us.

In order to avoid any hassle and delaying of flight, we went on 18th stayed one night in Miri, Mega Hotel.

Meet with others relatives at Miri airport on 19th morning.

This shuttle aircraft can only take about 18-20 pax, depends on the total weight.

As we have a lot of luggages and baggages to be delivered to Pa Lungan, although we arrived in Bario at 11am, some of us still have to stay back for another flight at about 12pm for remaining goods.

Gab, mom, Auntie Bulan and Rhema, Rowen and Shania went off with the first 4WD. It was drizzling that morning, temperature was around 20°c . They haven't eaten anything, they were not given rain coats, which sis and I were so worried about their condition while we are having lunch at Bario airport waiting for the goods in next flight. It was a long day...(to me)

We started 4WD journey as soon as we claimed our goods, it took about 45 minutes drive to jetty, the condition of the road was kinda bad due to drizzle. Along with Florence, Felicia, Azra, Ashton, Christabel, Hansen, Sonia and Auntie Dayang.

Gab's boat
I like the boat ride, enjoyed the journey up to Pa Lungan, thankfully for the raincoat that delivered by one of the boatmen, it was really cold, can't imagine how Gab, mom and Shania got over it.

Half way in the river ride, we met another boatman which fetched Gab and mom, they were on the way out,  but Gab and Shania bags were in the boat, we found out, the engine broke down, they got stuck in the river for almost one and the half hour. They were helped by another boatman which Hansen was on.

It actually needed only 2-hour boat ride, but for some reasons, and the boatman stopped by  to collect his fish at a few spots of pre-fixed fishing net. We arrived at 5:30pm. Despite of those reasons, I am still very excited upon arrival, We saw Hansen, buffalo sleigh and others guys were there for help.

Fish caught in the net
The track was bad, very very muddy, the night has begun, I had to dig out all lamps and head lamps that I brought, distribute to them. Sky turned dark soon enough.

The condition was, dirty, muddy, hungry, tire, wet, dark, and cold. We just have to keep walking, and walking..... met Jason, Bernard and Calvin, they walked out from Pa Lungan to help us carry some of our luggages.

Arrived Pa Lungan at 7:30pm. Can't express the feeling when I arrive! Excited, I should say, the first thing I want to do is to look for Gabriel, find out if he is ok, he told me that he is hungry, cold, happy, tire.... all sort, complicated emotion, exactly how I feel.... haha.

I had a warm welcomed by Supang, elder sister of Hansen, also the host of Batu Ritung Lodge.
Batu Ritung Lodge Homestay is where we stay. 

In such a condition, even a cold bread is delicious to us! But I can assure you, the food prepared by Supang were truly deliciouso!

As soon as we took our dinner, and a very cold shower, off for our rest! It was a very cold cold night, according to Bernard and Jason, this night is the coldest night they ever had since the day they arrived.

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