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Monday, January 3, 2011

Batu Ritung Lodge

Batu Ritung Lodge Homestay in Pa Lungan, Bario Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak. Indeed no need to explain more, just go direct to the site, Supang explains all.

But I would like to show you what I see, and share what I appreciate.
A signboard at the walkway.

The gate
A long covered walk way leads you to the house.
Batu Ritung Lodge is the only one house with gorgeous view of ponds, formerly paddy fields.
Serene and quiet morning, mountains covered by thick fogs.

spacious hall

Reader's corner

A 'big screen' window 
Pool of lotus right next to the 'big screen window'

Mdm Supang has full list of recipe, we enjoyed her cooking very much.

Breakfast during our stay.

Me and Supang, sister of my brother-in-law, the necklace on me, is hand beaded by her, given to me as a souvenir.

A souvenir from Supang Galih

Evening scene - Batu Ritung Lodge Homestay is originally built by Hansen late father Galih Balang.
Some place you don't like to miss, places right behind the lodge - Batu Ritung.

The lodge is named after this rock (batu)- Batu Ritung, erected in remembrance of a local warrior, Ritung, who is also an ancestor of Hansen.

This is only a brief introduction of Batu Ritung Lodge. You will need to go personally to experience the beauty of Pa Lungan.

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