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Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Children Leaders/Workers & Parenting Conference

Theme as Leaving A Legacy Of Worship, it was held during 17 - 20 March at Dream Centre; Jointly organised by DUMC and SIBKL.

A group of us from SCF Kingdom Kidz ministy, Benjamin Ling, Vincent Tung, David Khor, Joel Khor, Daniel Wong, Esther Ling, Justine Ng and me went for empowerment, to go further, to know deeper, to do better for the kingdom of our beloved Jesus, really thankful to be part of His mighty Kingdom, and feel honoured to be one of the chosen ones!

There were 60 seminars in total, almost 10 seminars holding at the same time, therefore we need a group of us to go, in order to choose the topic that suits individually, also to be trained in different areas.

As in the name of this conference stated, topic covers parenting, motivating, mentoring, ballooning, worshiping, coaching, disciplining, puppetry, writing Kid-relevant sermons, enriching and many more...

We, really blessed with this conference. Purpose to join this, not for our own good, but for our children, for the children we haven't met, for the ministry, for His kingdom.

Keep Rocking for Jesus, comrade!

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