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Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday

Every masterpiece has it's own unique textures and tone.

A pastor preached once: "Every old folk is a masterpiece!", I have much agree with that, probably I am heading to the stage.... just past 37th birthday yesterday... kinda screaming when I looked at my birthday cake written: 'Happy 37th Birthday', I wrote it, I wanted it to be written like this.

Life isn't that easy, in a single mother hood, since 2001 the year Gab was born, till now, many ups and downs, worries, sorrows as well as happiness, time spent with Gab, I treasure every moment, and appreciate every experience, because I know they have helped molding today's ME, a me that I quite like to be.

A very quiet birthday celebration yesterday I had, with little 'darlingsss', dad, Alex and Marcia, I bought for myself a 'Blueberry Cheese Cake', this is all of our favourite.

Many of blessings sent to facebook's profile, MSN, sms and mails, thankful for all of them, that really make my day full, loving to receive them, appreciate every little tiny thing ( even just a click ) you all have done, thanks to all.

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