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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broga Sunrise Virgin Trip

Broga Trip: Lead by Gideon Lye, together we have me - Jane Lee, Ben Lim, Debbie Lee, Mun Wah, Jasmine Chee and Rafi the dog, not to forget our youngest hero Nathanael Lye.

We met up in USJ 20 Petronas Station at 4:50am, departed at 5am sharp, thanks to everyone's punctuality! Mun Wah, Debbie, Gideon, Nathanael were in Ben's car, Rafi the dog and I were in Jasmine's CRV, arrived to the palm plantation, the entrance of Broga hill after 40 minutes of driving.
Surprised to see there were already many, many, many cars parking along the way, we parked our cars in the plantation where the trek begins, the sky was still dark, everybody got ready a head lamp or torch light, heret we started our trek.

It was an easy trail I would say, just about 45 minutes, many trekkers had started their journey up to the hill top. Along the trek, we met a lady fainted and was lying on the ground, we gave her group member some advise and tossed them some 100 plus drink, I think she hasn't got anything in her stomach yet, should I advise you here, please have something in your stomach before going for the trek. We also met someone along the way who were sitting on a rock, trying their best to grasp some air, breathing heavily, and re-charge their energy, m... I think trekking to Broga Hill is really a good exercise for city generation. It is always good to have this kind of outing often, we've spent too much time sitting....

Surprised again to see so many many many people already up on the hill top waiting while the sky is still dark! People every where, crowded along the trek, people scattered all over the hill, there are about 3 hills, we continued to trek up to the 2nd hill, get our spot, settle down for our breakfast. Going up at 5am may be early indeed, but we all like the time we could have a wonderful and ultimate fellowship, breeze brushes on our face, watching sky turning bright second by second..... wonderfully and beautifully.

The moment didn't last long, sky turned bright quickly, therefore treasure every moment

I had an amazing panaroma view for sunrise.

Sun's first peak!

People grabbing the precious time to take the best photo of her shyness.

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johnnie L said...

hi Jane,
nice account on your "virgin trip"

Have you tried saga hill yet? if not you should. that is tougher than broga. after that the real challenge would be naung.
go for it!

info said...

Nice photo! & I hope you the Broga Hill hike :-)

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