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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I always thought I am one,
as though I was one.
I run no way from commitment,
I hide no way from admittance.

I think and analyze,
As though I realized,
where I lost my mind,
for a bind.
where I lost my soul,
for a told.

I have no fear of knowing the truth,
Beauty I have to accept the shoe.
Blessed when I crying in the hue,
Cos I have Jesus as my refuge.

I am not a coward,
I always looking forward.
To my friend who care,
I wont hold my share.

I don't know where I will go,
Definitely not a worldly gold.


Lim said...

Jane,this is a beautiful note....

I can't remember since when I turn my eyes on you...some how the thought just come to me,who is this girl...??????

I have to admit that I didn't put any effort to find out more about your past,cos I prefer who you are now when I really have chance to come closer and know more who are you. ( maybe not much )

You are not a coward,you are so clear about yourself,especially do & don't ,you wouldn't just follow your heart most of the time,but sometime you just don't care..

So independent...a little bit childish,but that is ok..this is also a beautiful part of you.

To me,you are a special species.

Jane Lee said...

Hey, Lim, thanks for the comment, appreciate!

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