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Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Apologies®

I was trained in the year 2006 March, and have been given many seminars for SMKs, private secondary school, colleges, as well as churches. It is real encouraging to see them making wise and important choices for their life. Some how there were still some cases that upset me, some will just choose to walk away in the middle of the seminar, some will not change their mind, and some 'don't care' attitude. Truely understand this is beyond my control, just try my best to explain and tell them the truth. I did some copy and paste from focus on the family web site some selective information regarding No Apologies®.
Participants actively taking part in a HIV/AIDS quiz

SMK Jinjang 30 April 2008

Program Description & Objectives

No Apologies® is a character-based abstinence curriculum that helps young people make wise choices regarding high-risk behaviour, including sexual involvement before marriage. The curriculum deals with the value of the individual, marriage, the family and the importance of keeping ourselves pure for our future spouse.

The objectives of the No Apologies® curriculum are to help participants:

  1. Understand the value of character and abstinence leading to healthy behaviour
  2. Identify clearly the consequences associated with premarital sexual activity
  3. Recognise the relationship between love + sex and the benefits of saving sex for marriage
  4. Practice skills necessary to achieve the goal of abstinence from premarital sexual involvement

At the end of the workshop, participants are challenged to sign a pledge card saying they choose to wait and save sex for marriage. They are asked to defy popular culture by holding on to their virginity with pride, and at the day of their wedding, to proudly present the signed pledge card to their spouse, saying “I waited for you.”

What does No Apologies® cover?

Curriculum Summary

The No Apologies® curriculum consists of seven units:

  1. The Video – After viewing the video, the facilitator facilitates a discussion with students about the key messages from the video. In Unit One, students begin to explore the reasons why teenagers engage in sexual activity.
  2. Healthy Relationships – The key message of Unit Two is that we are unique multi-dimensional human beings (emotional, physical, social, ethical and intellectual). Students begin to see themselves, and others, as multi-dimensional. The connection between conduct and character is emphasized. Students set dreams about their future and also set goals to accomplish their dreams. The facilitator facilitates discussion on the obstacles to reaching goals. The class learns about the role character plays in fulfilling dreams. The power of friendship is emphasized.
  3. Media Literacy – Unit Three examines the influence of media on teens. Students practice critical thinking and evaluate the influence of media in advertising, music, music, TV and the Internet.
  4. Premarital Sex Has Consequences – In Unit Four, the critical message of the consequences of pre-marital sex is discussed. Unit activities and discussion center on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), to include HIV / AIDS. The lessons bring understanding to sexual progression and drawing boundaries, decision-making, the consequences of pre-marital sexual activity and dispelling the myth of “safe sex”.
  5. HIV/AIDS: A Generation at Risk – In Unit Five, students will learn how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how it affects the body. They will gain insight into the pandemic’s impact on the world’s youth and about safe and risky behaviors.
  6. Abstinence. It Works Every Time – Unit Six defines abstinence and underscores the benefits of self-control and abstinence. Students practice refusal skills against negative peer pressure and learn to create safe boundaries. Also highlighted in Unit Six is the relationship alcohol and drugs play in peer pressure, date rape and in keeping commitments to their dreams and goals. Students who have been sexually active are encouraged to begin again with an abstinent lifestyle by postponing sexual activity until marriage.
  7. Marriage Matters – Unit Seven allows students to confront the question, “How do I know the timing is right?” The facilitator leads exercises on finding the right marriage partner and solving problems in relationships. The point of the lesson is that many marriage problems can be avoided by the decisions made prior to marriage, including the decision of whom to marry and the benefits of postponing sexual activity until marriage.

No Apologies® Workshops

They do have special training program to train up more volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact them for the next training.

No Apologies® Training Of Facilitators

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