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Monday, March 30, 2009

101 Ways to praise kids

I was raised in the generation where every parent was so 'humble' to admit their kids are good enough, raised under word of 'curse', my parent were raised during Malaysia's 'hard time', their love tank was not filled, and due to Chinese ancient ways of raising kids, for my parents, the feeling of love is so deep and powerful, that it is not always available for verbal expression, or perhaps they are this type of 'Love tank', love for them is deeply buried in the belly...

Love is the glue that binds a family together. I was looking for love, but I did not have the knowledge of what type of lover my parents are, I needed word of confirmation. Everyone looks for love, knowing and sensing that it cements people together, in a most gratifying way. A family is a system, an organization formed by love, in love and for love. If you want to stay in love, tell your loved ones, "I love you" every day.

Saying, "I love you" every day, can become a wonderful habit for building and sustaining a heart filled with love. If you are a belly type lover and you wish to become more verbally expressive, try using "I love you" as a meditative mantra. This may help you develop the habit of saying "I love you" everyday. Keeping your kids' love tank filled. (Keeping Your Love Tank Filled by Paul J. Hannig. Ph.D.)

If you are running out of ideas, here are 101 ways to praise your kids.

1. Way-to-go!
2. You're special.
3. You're on your way.
4. How smart!
5. Good Job!
6. Good for you!
7. You're a winner.
8. Terrific!
9. Great discovery.
10. I trust you.
11. You're exciting.
12. You're so sweet.
13. You make my life complete.
14. You're so heavenly.
15. Bravo!
16. Super!
17. Outstanding!
18. Great!
19. Wow!
20. That's amazing!
21. How nice.
22. That's incredible!
23. You're adorable.
24. Dynamite!
25. Beautiful work.
26. Remarkable job.
27. Nothing can stop you now.
28. You're beautiful.
29. You're one-of-a-kind.
30. You're so creative.
31. Great work!
32. Fantastic job!
33. Phenomenal!
34. You are so important.
35. You figured it out.
36. Hip! Hip! Hooray!
37. You did that very well.
38. Good learning!
39. You're a good listener.
40. You're are so much fun.
41. You're caring.
42. You tried very hard.
43. Wonderful sharing.
44. You're a treasure.
45. Awesome!
46. You're wonderful.
47. You're A-OK!
48. You made my day.
49. Say, "Thank you".
50. You have a great sense of humor.

51. Good!
52. You make me happy.
53. You're incredible.
54. You're on target.
55. Looking good.
56. I knew you could do it.
57. I'm proud of you.
58. Well done!
59. Marvelous!
60. Exceptional performance.
61. You're a real trooper.
62. You are so responsible.
63. What a great imagination.
64. You belong.
65. That's right.
66. Now you've got it!
67. You're catching on.
68. You're on top of it.
69. Nice work!
70. Excellent!
71. That's remarkable.
72. Beautiful!
73. You're precious.
74. Magnificent!
75. Super work!
76. You're a good friend.
77. You mean a lot to me.
78. That's the best.
79. Give them a big hug.
80. You've discovered the secret.
81. You're spectacular.
82. You're a darling.
83. I like you.
84. You're fantastic.
85. Neat!
86. That's good manners.
87. Bingo!
88. You're growing up.
89. You're getting better.
90. You brighten my day.
91. That's perfect.
92. You're such a joy.
93. You're so kissable.
94. You have a wonderful smile.
95. You make me feel good.
96. You work hard.
97. Good thinking!
98. Good planning!
99. You're a good helper.
100. I like the way you did that.

101. Say, "I Love You" – often.

I did these to Gabriel, the result is, he treats you as friend, he will tell you all of his plans, his ideas, his thinking (sometimes very "bising", well, we enjoying the nonsense chat so much, he misses to be home, he misses the time when we spend the time on bed, talking, praying, tickling...

Happy growing.

here is another set of

Children and Family Services - 101 Ways to Praise Kids

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