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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Miracles do happen today even in realm of love.
As Hannah Yeoh recounts, "God is the perfect matchmaker."
Below is the article taken from <asian beacon your contemporary christian magazine> by R Lim

After her win in the last general election, Subang Jaya assembly woman Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan is crtainly no stranger to miracles.

Filled with faith and a passion to work for society, the petite 29-year political newbie won despite a low campaign budget.

Many would consider this to be her greatest miracle but for Hannah her polls win pales in comparison with her marriage in January 2008, a union she says is "planned in heaven and delivered on earch."

No Ordinary Supper
Initially, I had wanted to dismiss such stories as hogwash. However, after closer examination, I felt compelled to make an exception in this case.

Hannah's story began one evening in January 2007 when a pastor (her classmate in ministry training school) surprised all at supper by prophesying. "He told me that I would receive a marriage proposal in June and my husband would not be Chinese but an Indian who is a man of God," recalls Hannah.

Now, it takes two to tango. At the same time, her future husband Ram was having vision of his own. "For months, I had been having a recurring vision that my wife would preach in church," he recalls. "She would be dressed in white and I can even see the auditorium clearly."

"The Lord impressed upon me that I will be married soon but I didn't know who my wife would be. I met Hannah in early 2007 but our relationship then was platonic," says Ram. While serving together in City Church KL's New Christians Ministry in April 2007, Hannah caught Ram's eyes as she exuded qualities he desired in a wife.

Struggling with indecision, Ram prayed, "Lord, I don't want to choose with my own wisdom. Make it clear to me that she is my wife; so I can receive her as your blessing."

Follow the White Rabbit
Meanwhile, Hannah was beginning to doubt the prophecy. "Logically, a proposal can't happen in June when I'm still single in May," opines Hannah.
Then something dramatic happened.
"I was suddenly consumed by the same emotions I had
every time I saw the vision," he enthuses.
"At the end of her message, everything in the vision had been fulfilled."

However, the "foolishness" of God would prove to be wiser than man's wisdom - events moved quickly to bring these soul-mates together.

When Pastor Mark Varghese, the senior pastor of their church, left for Australia, Hannah was assigned to fill the slot at the pulpit on June 3. He admitted, "I didn't know why, I had never heard her preach but I knew God had directed me to let her speak on that Sunday."

It began as a normal Sunday service for Ram. Sitting in front, he felt happy for Hannah who was dressed in a white top. As she preached, he diligently took down notes.

Then something dramatic happened. Ï was suddenly consumed by the same emotions I had every time I saw the vision," he enthuses. "At the end of her message, everything in the vision had been fulfilled."

Incidentally, Ram had the chance to drive Hannah's cousin, Shelly Yeoh, home after the service and an interesting conversation took place. "Ram told me of the vision that God had brought Hannah to him to be his wife," says Shelly. "That's when I shared that my daughter, Debra Joy Yeoh, Had earlier foretold that this would happen."

With the innocence of a 7-year old, Debra unabashedly told her mother after her first meeting with Ram, that Ram would marry Hannah. Despite being admonished, young Debra stuck to her guns and insisted: "Th\ree plus one is four, right? Rabbits like to eat carrtos right? That 's how sure I am that both of them will get married!"

Shortly after her preaching debut, Hannah was due to fly off to Brisbane to be bridesmaid to her friend Rachel. Determined to act fast, Ram told Hannah to seriously pray about her next step, but he did not divulge what he had seen and heard that day. He did not propose to her then.

Ïknew then I had to make a decision with regards to our relationship," says Hannah. "I prayed for confirmation during the flight and at the end of the in-flight movie, I saw the name Ram in the cast. I dismissed this as a coincidence. As I looked at the flight attendant who was seving me, the name Ram was printed on his tag! However, I dismissed it again!"

When Hannah arrived in Brisband, Rachel told her that her husband, like Ram, had also asked her to pray for confirmation prior to marriage. This struck a chord within Hannah. As she went to bed that night, the words of Isaiah 57:2 flashed before Hannah - the promise of rest and peace for the righteous.

Upon awakening, Hannah was greeted by a surprise gift from Rachel. It came with a card s\citing Psalm 16:6, "The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places'yes, I have a good inheritance."

On her reutrn to Malaysia, as he picked her up from the airport, Ram said, Ï know you're going to be my wife. Go pray about it and once you're certain, let me know."

Praying intently, Hannah asked for a supernatural sign. She received a sign together with scriptural confirmation in the ten days which followed.

"I dreamt one night that I was in my house and everything in the house was black and white," reminisces Hannah. Ït was raining outside but the rain suddenly turned to snow. I felt the Lord speaking to me. I had asked for a supernatural sign like thunder or lightning but that is common in Malaysia. Snow is supernatural!

"I decided to say yes to Ram after the ten days. I asked him when he was going to propose but he answered that he had already proposed when he picked me up from the airport on June 11. That was when I realised that the pastor's prophecy, made over supper in January, had come to pass.

"God was good to me. After all the signs, all I needed was merely an affirmation that I had made the right decision. As we were waiting to tell Pastor Mark of our engagement, I felt the Lord prompting me to read the last chapter of Ruth.

"The name Ram was mentioned at the end and as I continued to read 1 Samuel, I saw the name Hannah. I was delighted to see both our names in the Old Testament - on the same page in my Bible.!"

Referring to the courtship of Isaac and Rebekah, Hannah points out that Ram's attitude was similar to that of Abraham's servant who was constantly asking God for confirmation while looking for a bride for Isaac (Genesis 24).

"The servant not only kept close to God but he chose to act," says Hannah. "He could have just walked away after LRebekah drew water for him and his camels. Similarly, Rebekah had a choice whether she would leave with Abraham's servant or stay back with her parents."

Drawing a parallel to the story,
Hannah says that the challenge is for us
to trust God's providence in every aspect of our lives - including love.

Now happily married, Hannah and Ram are living proof that God does indeed write the perfect script. Hans Christian Andersen could not have written a finer tale. -

Editor's Note
God guides believers in different ways: through His Word, prayer, godly counsel, prophecy, visions, dreams, circumstances and the still small voice. Believers who are "sheep" are sensitive to the Shepherd's voice. Sometimes guidance is dramatic as in Hannah's story but often in may not be so. Whatever the case, it is the peace of God which is the ultimate umpire in the decision-making process.

My Note
The reason of posting this article, is to encourage myself, because I had my vision of future husband in Feb 2008, and God also told a 5-year old boy about this man, and I have seek for confirmation, not once.. not twice... that were many times.... due to my lack of faith, I had three prophecies in this incident, and I was also greeted by a surprise card from someone sent by pos in written God is in control, God is assuring me of this vision, through the months and speak to me whenever I have doubt, whenever I feel upset..... thing still going on, I shall come back with great news.


Jason Lee CJ said...

Thanks for the posting this Jane, I'm a law student in Tasmania (YB Hannah graduated there as well) and my Mum recommended I read an article about Hannah Yeoh in the Asean Beacon back in Malaysia.
Googled it and found your blog!

Thanks loads, enjoyed reading the article.

Jane Lee said...

Glad you've read this, would you like to share if anything it helps in your spiritual growth?

Jason Lee CJ said...

Haha.. it helped me understand that all things will out for good when we trust in God!

Hope you're prayers will be answered too. Sure God wants the best for you.

Too early for me think about, but no harm finding out more!

Stay innocent, but not ignorant.

Nice blog btw!

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