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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Roselle Drinks

When Gab was small, I was taught by sis Jacs that kids taking this drinks often can ease their growing fever. And this helps! What I do is to buy dried roselle flowers some people call it Ribena flowers from Chinese Herbal Shop, and cook a big pot, actually we don't need so much, just cook small amount whenever wanted to drink.

Now that I have Thermomix, I can always measure the right amount for both Gab and I to consume for the same day. 

TM5 Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Dried Roselle Drinks for kids


35g Dried Roselle
2000g Water
150g Rock Sugar


1) Put in dried Roselle flowers and water to boil
     20 min / 100℃ / Reversed / speed 2  
     I don't use mc in this boiling process.

2) Add rock sugar to stir
     5 min / Reversed / speed 2

3) Fix in simmering basket to strain away pulps. Serve hot or cold.

Another version ( I use this method often )

1) Insert simmering basket, put in dried Roselle petals, add in water to boil
    20 min / 100℃ / speed 3

2) Add rock sugar
    10 min / speed 3 
    (It doesn't really need that long time, I just leave it keep spinning to help cool down temperature)

3) Remove simmering basket with spatula. Serve hot or cold.

To arrange a TM5 demo, contact Thermomix Fervent Thermist

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