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Monday, February 1, 2016

Man Tou / Steamed Bao Thermomix Recipe

Went Singapore last weekend, me had a great time together with my little niece, guided her to learn how to use her dad's TM31, and learnt to make her favourite steamed bread - plaited mantou.
If you haven't tried this before. Here is the recipe

Thermomix Recipe

Steamed Man Tou

Ingredients A:

130g Water (indeed the more wet dough it is, the softer texture you will get, hence I don't mind giving it 140g)
1 tsp yeast
20g Sugar
20g Coconut Oil

Ingredients B:

250g Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt


500g Water


1) Put A to mix
     mc / 1 min / 37℃ / speed 2

2) Add 2 to knead
     mc / 2 min / knead

3) shape the mantou, (wrap with filling) leave them in Varoma dish for proving half an hour or double in size ( time Varied according to yeast's activeness ) Remember to keep them in a warm place, or cover with a piece of cloth.

4) After 30 min or when mantou dough double in size. Put in water, stack Varoma in position, to steam.
     18 min / V / speed 1

Usually I keep mantou in freezer, steam it for my son in the early morning whenever needed.
Just add 200g water in TM bowl, insert simmering basket, toss in 4 frozen mantous, steam for 4 minutes.

For the exact setting would be:
       mc / *4 min / Varoma / speed 1

*the duration of steaming depends very much on the weather, if it is a cold day, it might take another minute longer. 

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