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Friday, February 19, 2016

Oatmeal Fatt Koh

 "Have you noticed it? There are so many food nowadays made in oatmeal." my brother said this during Chinese New Year while he was enjoying homebaked oatmeal cookies.

And yes, there are oatmeal bread, oatmeal yoghurt, oatmeal milk, oatmeal cake, what about oatmeal fatt koh?

Oatmeal Fatt Koh Facebook Album

I just loved the colour of oatmeal fatt koh / huat kueh


Very moisture oatmeal cupcake

TM5 Thermomix Recipe
Jane's Oatmeal Fatt Koh 麦香发糕

9 paper cupcakes

Print Oatmeal Fatt Koh Recipe

Ingredients 材料A

250g Milk 鲜奶
140g Sugar 幼糖
2 tsp Instant Yeast 酵母

Ingredients 材料 B

180g Pau Flour / Cake Flour 包粉 或 低筋面粉
2 tsp Double Action Powder 双倍发粉

Ingredients 材料 C

50g Oatmeal 燕麦

Steaming  蒸煮

500g Water 水

Garnishing 撒料

Castor Sugar 幼糖
Oatmeal 燕麦

Preparation 做法

1) Combine ingredient A together and mix 将A 料搅溶
    mc / 2 min / 37°C / speed 3

2) Add ingredients B to mix well 加入B料,拌匀
    mc / 10 sec / speed 3.5

     scrape down flour that stick on the side of TM bowl, mix again 刮下一些粘在主锅的面粉再搅拌
    mc / 20 sec / speed 3.5

3) Leave it in TM bowl to proof for 30 minutes 让它留在主锅内发酵30分钟

4) Add C to mix well, 加入C料,拌匀
    mc / 2 sec / speed 3.5

 Pour batter into paper cup to 95% full.倒入纸杯 95% 满。

5) In a clean TM bowl, place 500g water to bring to a boil. 洗净的主锅,倒入水,将之煮沸
    mc / 7 min / V / speed 2

6)Meanwhile, scatter white granulated sugar on the surface forming the word of "Y". (The sugar once melted will help to break the fatt koh into a smiley face). Sprinkle some oatmeal. Arrange cups in Varoma dish, cover with a fabric before close lid.
这个时候,在浆液上撒上糖成 “人”字形后(当糖溶解时会将糕的表面挣开成盛开的花朵状),再撒上燕麦。

7) As soon as water has reached to boiling temperature, stack Varoma dish in position to steam fatt koh. 当主锅里的水达到沸腾的阶段,就立刻塔上蒸锅,蒸煮
    20 min / V / speed 2
Using granulated sugar to make the letter Y, this helps fatt koh to have a smiley face!

Sprinkle some oatmeal on the surface
Steamed Oatmeal Fatt Koh just out from Thermomix 

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Ahm! Yummy! Oatmeal Fatt Koh Here is the recipe #steamcake #steamdish ...
Posted by Thermomix Fervent Thermist on Thursday, 18 February 2016

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