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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thermomix Apron

I can sew, I sew bags, Sewing Octopus is the brand name of my sewing products, I've sewn two aprons in total, first one for my sis in law, the second one was for myself - supposed to be. To make it special, and for my conveniences, I prefer to have hand towel easy to reach, I have seen some cooks wiping their hands just simply on the apron, that makes unwashable stains all over. And I dislike a wet kitchen floor, hand towel is usually "far" from reach, nope, I don't have a big kitchen, I just hate water drippings to the floor. When you are in action, you wash a lot, it will be ideal to hang a piece of small towel by your side. 

So, the second apron I sew I had this idea of sewing a strap on the right side of the apron and make it a slot which allow me to hang a hand towel.

But this apron was sold to my beloved friend. She loves the printing and seen it in Sewing Octopus fan page.

It was two years ago, till recently I won a free apron from TrueMix recipes upload contest, it is black, with white wording "Thermomix" embroidered in the centre. It looks very cool.

I love the design, it has got a pair of long straps which supposedly to make cross behind then loop to front, tie a knot in front of me. That means it makes a front strap, I can hang my towel anywhere I want, on the left, right or even center.

The lower part of the apron is sewn together with two panels, it has got a split in the center, can you imagine? When you walk it splits like a pair of pant! When a man put it on, they don't look like wearing a skirt! That is indeed a brilliant design!

On the first thought, when apron is introduced to me, you don't need apron if you cook with Thermomix, on second thoughts, I need it not when I am cooking, I need it when I am preparing, washing, scaling fish, chopping chicken thighs etc.... Yeah, you need one, as you don't like to smell fishy after the cooking when you already avoid smokey and oily air in the room. 

Get one! You have 2 colours choice, Black and Pink, RM180 per piece, of course you can get free like I have mine, message me to find out more. 

Join Facebook group - Thermomix Fervent Thermist 

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