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Friday, November 14, 2014

Kaduk Leaves

On Monday cooking fun homegroup, we tried making Otak-otak, it was of course hassle free, you can see that I actually blend and cook on my dinning table while we were having "product knowledge" session.
I knew that the dried chilies I bought are super spicy, I put a few instead of 10g. Hence the colour didn't show much reddish.
The challenging part should be getting Kadok leaves, I couldn't find it in any hypermarket not even small sundry shops, on whimp of thought, I remembered of a Malay friend who stays in a kampong behind USJ 20, there I drove in at very slow pace, round and round, couldn't see any at the main road, I prayed and asked God for directions, I stoped by to ask grocery shop owner about "daun kadok", he didn't know about it, I kept on driving, almost reached the end of the kampong, there was a junction, I turned into a small junction, reached dead end, still couldn't see any, as I was making reverse turn back, there was a bush under a tree, I wasn't so sure of this was kadok or not, I ran into a house to ask a Malay man if these are kadok, he nodded, and I asked if I can take some, he pointed me to the other house said: "Tanya orang rumah tu!" I rushed into it  without hesitation, finally, I plucked what I needed, thanked the owner. I was so happy, and I remembered the first thought I had was, "I love Malaysia, I love we are multi racial country, I love everyone in this country!" It is true, I praised God for where I am.
Kadok leaves tasted soft and nice when they are cooked. Try some.

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