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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thermomix No Baked Choco Nutti Tutti Cup Cookies

This is so easy to make, even a kid can make them. Something you must make for Christmas and Chinese New Year seasons.
It usually scoped in a tiny paper cups, when I was preparing those small cups, I had a thought: "Why making them small? We usually pop in more than just one, perhaps a small cupcake cup is ideal!"
Yup! A small cupcake cups, must a cupcake be a cake? ... Nope at all! Let call it cupcookies!
Sprinkle with coloured rice is not trendy any more, Tricia suggested to dust with nut chunks, this sound great to me. Therefore I make a small batch of pistachio and a small batch of macadamia chunks for dusting.
Here you go, Jane's No Baked Choco Nutti Tutti Cup Cookies.
70g Almonds
70g Macadamia
70g Pistachio
85g Crispy Rice
100g raisins 
480g Dark Chocolate
Toast nuts separately:
Almonds 140℃ / 15 min (approx. Please shake baking tray every 3 min )
Macadamia 140℃ / 5 min
Pistachio 140℃ / 4 min
Crispy rice 120℃ / 3 min
Chop nuts coarsely. :D you may adjust duration to achieve your desired size of chopped nuts.
3 sec / speed 6
3 sec / speed 5
2 sec / speed 5
I use a spoon to scoop some (nut of your choice) smaller chunks, set aside for dusting later.
Put first 4 ingredients in a large mixing bowl, using a spatula to mix all evenly.
Add (don't care to wash TM bowl) chopped dark chocolate into bowl, melt
3 min / 60℃ / speed 2

In a large mixing bowl, put all ingredients, mix well with a spoon.
As soon as the chocolate is done, pour into mixing bowl, coat all ingredients thoroughly. Scope into a cupcake cups, dust with chunks. Refrigerate before serving.

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