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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to get rid of garlic smell in Thermomix silicon ring ?

There is another find yesterday as I was trying out a better recipe for a cup of Ipoh White Coffee that cooks from Thermomix with newly grounded from whole coffee seeds. It was on the Monday morning, woke up in the morning cooked a cup of coffee, then fetched Gab for tuition, and I went for scheduled morning class, as soon as I finished my teaching, fetched Gab back and cook another cup of coffee, which allows me to make some adjustments on the second  time. It was quite rush as I have many things to settle, that I didn't even wash my thermomix before leaving for TrueMix Monday Advisers Meeting.

What I want to say is, when I have time to wash Thermomix, I have a habit, which I will always smell the lid and the ring if I have washed them clean. I know the ring smells especially garlic...the only thing I dislike. I used lemon resedules to soak overnight, somehow it doesn't smell that much but .... Still....

This time, I did my routine sniffing, surprise! I smell coffe rather than garlic! Hmmm I supposed coffee resedule could be useful this time, too bad I threw away many, I shall keep them for the soaking in future.

Well, vinegar + baking soda still work wonder for Thermomix. It is shining clean!

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