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Friday, October 3, 2014

My 2nd attempt of chiffon cake

According to Chui Lan, the Orange Chiffon Cake I made yesterday is not a failure, still alright if taste and texture are good. Thanks to teacher's word of encouragement.
2nd attempt of making Chiffon cake, was thinking which flavour to make, initially was green tea, quite a common one, something came across my mind, "Earl Grey Chiffon Cake", it is my favourite tea, perhaps this just work well in chiffon cake.
I googled some YouTube clips that showing "How to make chiffon cake" this afternoon, watched a few clips, gotten the idea and procedure right in my mind.
The improvisation was great, egg yolk batter was well mixed, the egg white was beautiful though there was some small amount of egg yolk mixed in the egg white, was rather worried at first, it didn't affect the outcome, egg white was perfect. Oh ya, I bought another smaller size chiffon cake mold 20cm, height is much taller than the one I made yesterday.
Baking time slightly extended, cooling the mold by turning it upside down lay on top of a cooling rack, after an hour or so, it still in it's shape! Well done, now is left the taste.... Haha, can't wait to give it a try, Earl Grey Chiffon with poppy seeds.

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