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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Failed! I know why

Yesterday was my first time making chiffon, I have heard Chris complaint about many failures of attemptings, it discouraged her, and it alarmed me that chiffon cake doesn't sound just as simple as it's recipe. Hmmm...
It is not my favourite, never have I thought of making. I met Chui Lan three days ago, she told me her chiffon recipe is fail-proof, that really gave me a booster, almost at that instant I told myself: "Alright, I'm gonna make this chiffon cake."
There I went baking one last night - Orange Chiffon Cake, I added poppy seeds.
Everything went well, not after I took out the cake, one minute later, it collapsed. Arhh.... But why?
The cake was moisture, tangy enough, tasted great, but Why? Why?
Who else to ask but "god of Google", read a few articles, found the reasons WHY my chiffon cake collapsed.
Egg whites was great, egg yolk batter (I knew it was a little over beaten :p because I forgot about the salt) was "OoKay..." I found out it makes the cake harder if it is over beaten.
Oven was good, temperature well controlled. May be I need to bake another 5 minutes more to get those moist away in order to be lighter.
Ahhhh! There were 2 main reasons WHY, 1st reason, I greased the mold which I was told not to, it just doesn't make sense to me for not greasing it, how can I take the cake out?
NOW I know why, it has to cling on the mold to support it's light and soft body, therefore does not need to grease the chiffon cake mold.
The 2nd reason, I didn't turn it upside down during cooling period. That was why it collapsed.
Case closed.
Clever me! I am making my second Chiffon Cake, No.... It is not in orange flavour, I thought of something.... My favourite tea - Earl Grey, I baked Earl Grey cookies, now is turn for Earl Grey Chiffon Cake with poppy seeds.

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