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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weight Cheater

Previous month I came across a Facebook post that posted by my friend, was about he bought a packet of flour from 1Malaysia shop, the weight is not given according to the packaging.

Not espected that this also happen in USJ Giant, now is my turn, so bad! Bought three packets of chicken fillet, the price per kg is RM 14.89 already expensive, now paid for 356 g, only get 230g, another packet was 328g but only get 210....
Just very angry with this incident, how many more? And I believe it is happening everyday.

I have posted in Facebook to bring awareness to my circle of friends, hope this could stop them from cheating. Is our hard earn money too.

Bad inflation rate these few years, everything has gone up, can't imagine what it will become when GST starts next year. Sigh! Lord, please help us.

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