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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fresh Roselle jam with Thermomix

Thanks to Esther for giving her homegrown Roselle flowers which I once mentioned to her that I have been looking up and low for this yet I couldn't find this in market.It will be my first try to make this jam with Thermomix.
As expected, easy and quick.

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300 g Roselle calyx (without pods)
1 Red apple (skinned, seeded, cut into wedges)
200g Sugar (if you like it sweet, you may put in 300 g)
200g water

Rinse Roselle flowers, breaks all petals, keep the pods, set aside.

Put pods into Thermomix bowl, pour in 50g water to cook pods at
15 min / 100°C / soft spoon

Add in Roselle calyx, and apple wedges, blend them with
10 sec / speed 5

Pour in 200g water to cook
Replace MC with simmering basket to prevent splashing.
20 min / 100°C / speed 2

Continue to cook with
5 min / V / speed 2

Check with the consistency of the jam, you might need to cook a little longer to get the jam a little thicker.
scope jam into sterilized bottle, cover lid and turn it upside down till jam is a little cooler, about 1 hour later.

Or go to Jane's Fresh Roselle Jam to "Print Recipe"

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