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Monday, January 13, 2014

Improved Recipe for German Cookies

I bake German Cookies during Chinese New Year, one of my favourite cookies, the other two are pineapple tarts and kuih banggit.

German Cookies is a butter cookies, this recipe gives super fine and really soft texture cookies INITIALLY, yup, initially...

I did some modification to improve the texture so that it can hold nicely, in the first bite, there is a layer of crunchiness instead of "melts" crumbled immediately in another word.

This recipe improved for another reason which is delivery issue, I remembered the first year when I baked it according to original recipe, you can't imagine the heart ache and very unpleasant to the baker, most of the cookies crumbled during the progress of transfer from oven to cooking tray. And another crumbling during the progress of packaging, and final crumbling during the progress of delivery.

And I have gotten feedback from friends, too much of crumbled and too soft for "eating fulfillment".

So here I go, improved recipe, still soft inside, thin layer of crunchiness, it won't melt immediately, it applies a minimal energy to break the crunchiness followed by a "melt in mouth"-like German Cookies.

Ta-dah, all is well now, less crumbling, less complaint, less disappointment, yet still yummy and soft German Cookies.
Almost zero crumble.

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