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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mean Scratched!

Gab and I were going to Sunway  Pyramid for a dinner, it was raining and traffic was slow, it took half and hour to finally reached Pyramid.
We saw traffic was bad in all area, included the parking area, cars turning round and round looking for a parking lot. I saw a car reversing right after I drove by it, then I hurry put on signal light showing the car behind that I am taking this lot. How rude was the driver despite my signal and was on my reversing gear, he drove in right away.
I was very angry with his behavior, yet I continued to driving forward.
Not long later we gotten a free space. Gab was very angry and felt unfair and said: "If I were you, I will go down to fight with him, or at least scold him."
"I don't have to do it, I don't need to get myself into trouble, I will go to his car later, and scratch his car for a revenge." I said it like I mean it.
"Ah? You will do it, mum?"
"Ya, in this way nobody sees me, nobody knows it."
"Let's go!" I continued to say.
Gab looked nervous, and a bit worried about my plan.
As we walked pass by the car, I laughed and he reminded me: "Eh ma, do it!"
"Haha, I was just kidding!"
He looked at me and whispered to my ear: "I scratched his car!"
"Huh? How?"
"I used my fingernail..."
"what?" I Broke into laughter.
This is my Gab! Who has a crazy mum, and does crazy thing...with minima harm. Lol

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