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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cool Free stuff...Yuhoo~

It's wonderful, when I previously bought a CPU for RM300 from Leonard and he gave another bag of free stuff included CD player, mouse and a set of Sonic Gear speaker. Honestly I had a bad thought when I looked at those stuff, I thought:"Mmm... I'm not gonna need these, should I bring home or should I reject those, should I? should I not?" This thought running through my mind while he was testing and showing me the CPU. You know... I am a 'warm' person, don't quite understand this 'cool stuff'.

I brought back those stuff reluctantly, stored in the storeroom. The day before yesterday, Gab took this out and was trying to connect it with his iPod via AUX cable, "It Works!! Aaah, so nice and so good of him, I was amazed by his work, I know it is a very simple thing by just poking in and plucking out, at least he did it! I thanked God for giving me a boy!

Ha! I don't need a mini speaker anymore, which I bought two months ago, and returned to my brother the next day due to some defections, am still waiting for him to restock though, since this works so much better than the mini speaker, I'm gonna to change my buying to another stuff, praise the Lord.

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