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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fly to Singapore

Just gotten checked in at gate Y1,  the gate has just opened, one hour before the flight 12.40pm.
It was quite a long queue, after given checked the boarding pass, walk through the gate, just a few steps I reached immigration counter, another few steps custom check, there is only one counter opened for the first 15 minutes for such crowd, I will make no complain if the air-condition is cold enough.
I was told to be at least 3 hours earlier, yup I did! Reached at 9.40am, spent some times to finally get a parking lot at the newly open parking space on the left side of LCCT ENTRY.
Had my breakfast in Old Town, Nasi Lemak for RM17 served with a SUPER DRY fried chicken, I guess it is better than oily though :p
For some reasons... if you know me, super "sotong" - blur queen, I was told to proceed to international gate, I went through all 'check-in' procedure, found a seat to settle down, waiting for boarding call. Soon enough I found no my jacket, Argh, I must have left it in the  enquiry counter.
I walked in quick pace, headed to the counter which is quite a distance, thankfully the jacket is still there.
As I get back to the international departure gate, the officer now requests me to have my boarding pass stamped at the "boarding pass checking" counter.
off I went, the officer said: "You have to go to Gate Y1 next to "gate - domestic departure".
Both international and domestic location at distinct ends. And I thought along the long walk, it is such a blessing in disguise, I can't imagine if I wait for boarding call in the wrong boarding gate!!
Ok, that is me, anything could happen.
Well, reached at the gate Y1, long queue...

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