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Monday, May 6, 2013

What is Form 14? 什么是表格14?

A parent called me in the after to ask what is this form 14 about? Here is a short extracted from 监票员课程 PACA E-Training
- Form 14
While there is no recount, or the recount has been completed, KTM will prepare several copies of Form 14 as the official results of the voting channel. Double check all the figures filled in Form 14, and make sure the KTM and CA shall sign on all copies of Form 14. Be cautious, CA shall never leave the voting channel without the proper Form 14 that signed by KTM.
- Regulation 25.5 (Election Guideline)
Counting agent better bring along with this particular session of regulation. It helps CA to challenge the KTM to eliminate the suspicious ballots, while the result of SPR 757 is more than Form 13.
- Summary of Section 3 and 4 of the Election Law
This may be helpful to every PACABA on duty. They shall be firmed with those mistake stated are the offences under the Section 3 and 4 of the Election Law.
- 表格14
- 条规25.5 (选举指导守则)
- 计票员最好携带这份文件前往执行任务。这是为了挑战一些“无知”的KTM,以便在SPR 757的计算结果大过于表格13的情况下要求KTM执行此项条规内所制定的两项程序来找出那些“多出来”并销毁它。
- 选举法令第三第四项的简阅

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