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Friday, May 10, 2013

101% Trust

Are we trusting our leader? Where does your faith build upon? upon newspaper? upon the words of others? or upon the unselfish life of him LKS? They have enough stress to face, they have enough work to deal with, and they are still fighting for us, please don't burden them with your 'little faith' and silly behavior.

He has been fighting for us half a decade, he has given up everything to us, do we need to 'teach' him what to do? He deserves our 101% trust. 

I feel so sad about the experience that LKS has to bear. Won't you learn that we don't trust media?

Read LKS blog below:

Shock of my life when I woke up this morning and told that I am target of attacks on facebook for betraying the people, DAP and PR in wanting to form coalition government with BN

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