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Saturday, February 9, 2013

No... not throwing away

Spring cleaning, another two days to Chinese New Year, it is the culture to have a spring cleaning before CNY, every year.. no exceptional. This has been doing since young.

Something that is not going to throw away, that would be my music books. This cabinet is placed in store room, not all the books here, some are still in piano room. Collection from my very grade 1 till now, once awhile will still get some good books from music shop, will buy majority jazz books and new composers now.
Upper level are resources got it after grade 8, preparing for Performing Cert and LTCL. Not all of them here, some are kept in another cabinet.
2nd and 3rd are all piano books from Baroque to Romantic period composers, 4th are for guitar and violin books + contemporary composers, last tier is for theory and aural books.

These are my precious property.

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