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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Handmade Gauze Blankie

Kayla and Kayden Ng are the youngest member in Ng's family, Gab's cousins. Today is their fullmoon, just done sewing these pair of gauze blankie.

When I started sewing it yesterday, I was totally have no idea what happened to the seams, they tripped and skipped... it wasn't a pleasant start. Gauze is not what I thought so, unlike cotton, so then googled about 'How to sew gauze' for some fast tips.... It seemed everyone has the same problem, some said:"Gauze grows!" I don't quite understand what it means by 'grows'.

So I tried laying a piece of paper strip under gauze fabric, ahh haaa! It works very well, so went I cut many strips ready for these two blankies.

I never stopped figuring out why seams tripped and skipped... ya... I kept thinking about it.

Somethings I observed:
1) Gauze usually is double layer, I used size 14 needle, it could go through the first layer, I saw fabric kept pushing (stuck) into needle hole if I didn't pull it tight. needle might not go through the 2nd layer well, I think it is better if it is size 9.  I guessed that was the reason why seams tripped

2) I supposed it may also occur even using size 9 needle, googled fast tips, some suggested to press it (iron), and others which I think very troublesome. Try using long strip of paper lay under the fabric, and it went smoothly and neatly.

I hope these tips help you in sewing gauze fabric.

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