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Saturday, February 9, 2013

God's favourable Chinese New Year to all!

A very different Chinese New Year that fills with God's favour and love. Wishing all my family and friends have a God's favourable blessing Chinese New Year

God has blessed me with a free face-lift to my car window's tint firm by Shirley, God has blessed me with additional bonus from Debbie, God has blessed me with long long list of German cookies order, I am so blessed by His favourable blessing.

God prepares everything I needed, He supplies even before I ask from Him. Washing machine stopped working last two days, as I was arranging mechanic to fix it, instead of complaining 'Why now?' I realised God has prepare the amount for the cost of repairs. I remember last year there were many times I heard of washing machine produced loud sound and I laid hand to pray for it, saying... 'Not now...'. haha, I know it sounds silly, well I did it all the time. And now it is the perfect time, where I have enough for the fixing. He is Jehovah, God is my supply. 

God has blessed me with two good helpers, one is Melaleuca another is Gabriel darling. I never let Gab done anything washing but just laundry and vacuum-ing, as I know detergents chemicals cause harm to him. 

Ever I started using Melaleuca products, I let him wash dishes, mop the floor, cleaning fans.... I think he will hate Melaleuca if he ever found out the truth... hehehe. 

Anyway, I am so BLESSED, at last I want to tell the world that God's favour is upon me~ May you be blessed too. 

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