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Friday, February 22, 2013

I am an artist

I have never in a business line selling stuff before, all I know to do is music and teaching. Pricing the products are most of the time I measure by the cost and add up a little of my effort and time that has consumed. 

People who are little musical trained or non, may not understand and perceive music in totally different way than a musician. Agree? 

No doubt as an artist, every effort counts, in order to perform a piece, I know exactly what it takes to master a piece, to work on those little details on all elements -- notes, tempo, rhythms, sonority, articulation and dynamics, after mastering these you have to relate each other to expression and emotion... erm.... ok. 

Let's see what it takes to sew a product. 

Travel back and forth - purchasing raw materials - idea - designing - measuring for main fabric, lining and sometimes the quilt batting - make templates - cutting - matching fabric patterns, threads and other accessories - sewing. 

Looks just like that, nothing much, ya... true, nothing, I can get this from shops and stalls. Because we don't see the time here, the idea, the uniqueness, the effort, the skill, sincerity, enthusiasm, passion.... May be you would like to convince yourself by reading this 101 reasons to buy handmade products.

Doing this indeed sometimes is undercharged, to buy a quarter meter of a piece of fabric is very costly, a small ring costs RM3 each, you would be surprised. 

I have friends suggested to use cheaper materials, sewing with wider seam, I am an artist, I don't gain an advantage or profit by trickery 偷工取巧.

What it takes to bake a cake and cookies.

Travel back and forth - purchasing raw ingredients - measuring different ingredients - baking tools - mixing and blending - boiling and heating on certain ingredients - baking.

Looks just like that, nothing much, ya.... true, nothing. I can get this from bakery shops. Because we don't see the choice of the quality of the ingredients, it's true, when you put RM1.60 per kg flour and RM2.40 per kg flour on the table, you can't tell the difference. 

Some told me that ** bakery's cakes are very soft, better than your cakes, indeed, yes, I first thought so, then later I found out, they put in some ovellete to increase the softness, also serves as a preservative to extend shelf life. 

I was suggested to mix the ingredients with half cheaper products, you see.... I am an artist, I don't gain an advantage or profit by trickery 偷工取巧.

I like this quote:
Cake baking is a hobby for many but it requires an artist's talent to create the right flavour texture and taste. >.6

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